Friday, May 15, 2015

God's Thoughts on Work and Social Responsibilty

In a recent service, we approached the subject of social responsibility. We are in Baltimore City and we have witnessed and heard reactions and discussions and thoughts about justice for the people in our city.  We continue to pray for our authorities and also for justice.

More deeply and behind these facts and realities, we are citizens here. We also have our jobs, we work. What it is for the believer to work? How do we think in regards to work? How does God, in our understanding of His character, affect us in this area?

First we must consider God who is the God that works.  The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit have always been serving one another. Before the creation of the world God was working.  He communicates, cares, loves and serves.  He is accountable and responsible.  After all consider that Christ was crucified (i.e. work) before the foundation of the world. - Revelation 13:9. Note also Proverbs 8:30.

We are made in His image.  Therefore, we were given the jobs of “tilling the ground” and giving names to all the animals in Genesis before the fall of man.  We are built for work.  Consider Ecclesiastes 5:18-20.

What does Baltimore, or any city, or any group of people need?  People to rightly understand God’s nature and then to act on His nature as He has ordained.  When we work we are not excusing ourselves, we are finding responsibility and acting on it.  God has made us to know Him in our trouble and then show up based upon His great grace.

God is there for you. He is able to answer your prayer, to carry your burden, to care about your future, to forgive you of your sin, to speak to you at night, to show up in your crisis. He can do so because He is God and He is a working God, a serving God, a responsible God with an amazing amount of authority to do all things. We also, being like Him enjoy the sense of responsibility in caring for our world.

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